Agathangelo (Elena Agathangelou) was born in 1991 in Limassol, Cyprus. From a very young age she showed her interest in art and decided to make her passion a full time job.

She studied Fine Art in Manchester School of Arts and later did an MA in Fine Art in Central Saint Martins, London.

She has participated in various group exhibitions in Cyprus and London and her passion for doors led to her first Solo Exhibition “Hidden Beauty” in 2018.

She has been working on the same project for the past three years and promises to change the art world through her doors.


“We can find them all around us, but do we ever really see them for what they truly are?

How many times have you thought of them as a “passageway”, how many times have you even given them the credit they deserve, realised their importance the moment you stood in front of them or passed through them?

Behind them, stories well hidden or revealed by something familiar.

True stories, sometimes beautiful and sometimes not.

Stories that sound similar or totally different.

A forever witness of our most personal moments and our fierce protector and ally.

They either keep us safe or keep us locked.

At times they encourage us to meet our deepest desires and at other times they expose us to the most complex situations.

An integral part of our lives. Some consider them as ordinary, but for me they form the passage that leads me to new journeys.


Of all kinds, any time and any place.

Doors are my topic, my work and the most profound source of my inspiration.”